In the Community

Even before starting production at our West Point, Georgia plant in 2009, KMMG has been making contributions to Troup County and the surrounding region.

Through the efforts of our team members, KMMG is driving upward mobility for the community. Mobility is more than transportation, it’s freedom of movement.


Social Mobility

A healthy community depends on the foundation of education and work readiness. KMMG invests in developing youth for the jobs of the future. Learn more about our investment to foster education and workforce development.

Free Mobility

The freedom to move enables individuals to explore and reach their potential. KMMG has provided outstanding students with vehicles to transform their lives and move from college to a career.


Eco   Mobility

Kia is committed to providing a broader solution to mobility, one that is sustainable and eco-friendly.




Safe  Mobility

Completing safe journeys is just one part of safe mobility. KMMG is investing in the well-being of our passengers and their families through our partnership with first responders in our community. 


Kia In The Classroom


Giving Back

KMMG has a long history of community giving, dating back to even before the plant was in operation. 


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